Hey yo. As you probably know if you’ve visited TJRWrestling in the last month, I have been posting reviews of every WWE Survivor Series event on a nearly daily basis. I’ve had some other stuff come up to cause me to miss things here and there, but generally it’s been going well. Next one up is 2002, which should be up on Tuesday at some point. I’ll try to go daily after that, so it might bleed into December a bit. I’ve already done reviews for every Survivor Series in the last six years, so I can post several of those in a day while adding additional thoughts.

I don’t think it’s a big deal if it goes into December a bit, but I just want you to know that they are still coming and I have really appreciated all of the kind words about the reviews.

In terms of NXT Takeover Toronto and Survivor Series, I was unable to write live reviews because I ventured to Toronto about 2.5 hours from home, so it would have been difficult to get it done. I will have reviews of those shows up this week as well. I think I’ll post Survivor Series first on Tuesday and then NXT Takeover Toronto on Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading TJRWrestling.net. It’s been our best year ever and all indications are that we will continue to grow.